TB Mozanis 自适应购物商城 Drupal 7 主题

TB Mozanis 自适应购物商城 Drupal 7 主题

TB Mozanis Drupal 7 主题,一个自适应购物商城 Drupal 7 主题。The responsive ecommerce Drupal theme supports Drupal Commerce module and along with other significant modules: Superfish, Views Slideshow, ShareThis and Taxonomy menu. Come with 4 colors of choice, responsive design, 14 supported regions and neat typography, TB Mozanis is well-equipped with all the features of an ecommerce theme.

TB Mozanis Drupal 7 主题特点:

  • Shopping cart
  • Responsive design
  • Quicktabs
  • custom 404
  • Quickstart package

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